Model Portfolios

Today’s investors need more defensive tools to navigate
the challenges of an ever-changing market

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Our Models

Symphony Model Portfolio
Symphony Model Portfolio

The Symphony model is a true strategy of strategies that utilizes our proprietary Quantified Funds. Based on over 20 years of multi-strategy portfolio creation experience, FPI has found that combining actively managed strategies can help provide additional layers of portfolio defense and return potential.

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Traded Monthly: Other Flexible Plan strategies utilizing Quantified Funds are reallocated on a more frequent basis. Last updated (06/07/2024)
Common Ground BRI+ESG Model Portfolio
Common Ground BRI+ESG Model Portfolio

Common Ground is a dynamic, risk-managed investment model utilizing our proprietary Quantified Common Ground Fund. The Common Ground Fund draws upon a universe of stocks rated highly by both ESG (based on rating from CSRHub, an ESG ratings aggregator) and Judeo-Christian metrics (based on ratings from eVALUEator). The Fund is used as the equity portion of the Model. The non-equity portion of the Model can utilize government bond, gold and cash asset classes. Combining these elements allows us to offer a single risk-managed solution that financial professionals may use with clients seeking faith-based investments or an ESG exposure to financial markets.Read more

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Traded Monthly: Other Flexible Plan strategies utilizing Quantified Funds are reallocated on a more frequent basis. Last updated (06/17/2024)
Large-Cap Trend Model Portfolio
Large-Cap Trend Model Portfolio

Trend following is arguably one of the oldest trading strategies. Momentum in asset prices is an important element of factor investing. Large-Cap Trend Model utilizes allocations in our proprietary Quantified Funds and is intended to be used by financial professionals as a potential core equity holding for their clients.

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Traded Monthly : Other Flexible Plan strategies utilizing Quantified Funds are reallocated on a more frequent basis. Last updated (05/08/2024)

How to invest

“Buy and hold” is only one approach

“Buy and hold,” simple asset allocation, and traditional portfolio construction may not be enough to keep investors on track toward their financial goals during volatile or severe bear markets (sustained down markets with losses of more than 20%).

“Riding out” the ups and downs of the market and relying only on basic forms of diversification could leave investors vulnerable to the risks described below and with fewer tools to take advantage of opportunities for growth.

Dynamic risk management

We aim to respond shifting market conditions as needed and seek to provide investors with competitive returns while reducing risk through all market cycles.

Our philosophy emphasizes access to a wide selection of asset classes in an attempt to reduce volatility over time while exercising short-term vigilance against unexpected events.

Our approach

Flexible Plan Investments was built around quantified, active investment management, and strategic diversification—the theory and practice that one needs strategies that can be responsive to various market environments and that no single investment approach works in every market environment all the time.

Bear markets and black swan events can have an outsized detrimental effect on individual investors. This is why we have a team dedicated to research. 

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Our method

Models are created by applying an investment methodology (a rules-based, tested computer model that provides consistent, objective, and disciplined buy and sell decisions based on current market environments) to an investment universe.

  • Seeks favorable risk-adjusted returns and less volatility in any market environment.
  • Uses sophisticated algorithms and models to capture gains and help defend against losses in a wide variety of sectors, asset classes, and geographies.
  • Focuses on controlling portfolio risk.
  • Has the flexibility to alter course based on market conditions.

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